Rev. Marilee Nieciak, BSc; RMT
Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Coach
Sage Spirit Terra,
Sanctuary of Peace 
And Home of
Ancient Wisdom for NOW!
Where Mysteries Are Revealed
Individual Coaching Sessions,
Group Gatherings,
Classes and Workshops
Our Mission Is To Empower  
Individuals To Empower Themselves
Transform Your Life With
Ancient Wisdom 
Ancient Healing Arts
To Help You, Help Your Self,
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
and Financially...
It is up to You!
Are YOU Ready to Own Your Life?
 With A Guidance and Coaching Session
By Accessing Your Divine Soul with
Your Akashic Records
Using the Ancient Wisdom 4 Now Prayer Method To Answer Your Questions
About Your Past, Present and Future,
Benefiting You by Allowing You to
Know Your Purpose with Clarity,
 Expanding our Conscious Awareness,      
Embraced in Love
Love is the Energy of Your Akashic Records where You
Are Acknowledged, Seen and Heard!
Simply Request a Session by
Phone or Text 219-210-6607
Sessions are In Person,
By Phone or Skype 
A Session is generally an 45 minutes to 2 hours
Channeling Universal Life Force Energy 
For the Highest and Best Good
Usui Reiki Levels I, II, Master/Teacher
Celtic Reiki Levels I, II, Master/Teacher
Tibetan Reiki for Usui Reiki Masters
Atlantean Gaia Trilogy Attunements
Dragon Reiki Level I, II, Master/Teacher
Faery Reiki
Faery Tree Spirit Reiki
All For
Relieving Stress, Anxiety and Pain
With No Side Affects
Reiki =
Hands of Light and Love
Or Try Shamanic Healing
Or a Drum Circle
Or Try SAR'H!
SAR'H is
Spiritual Aromatherapy Reiki Healing
SAR'H uses three modalities;
Akashic Records, Aromatherapy and Reiki
We ask what the client's specific needs are 
for their Individual Session.
We have used up to 19 different oils in a Session,
which are in person ONLY
($175.00 per 2 hour session)
Simply Request a Consultation or Reiki Session
In Person, By Phone or Skype Worldwide
To Book Your Session,
Phone orText
We Use Young Living Essential Oils 
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In May of 2001 our journey expanded as an
Authorized Independent Distributor #431711 of
We Look forward to Sharing with YOU!
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In January of 2011,
I received an assignment from my Akashic Records
To write a book, which I did.
It took two years and three months,
It was published by Kindle on April 13, 2013
We Hit a "Grand Slam" on Launch Day  with our Rankings
Our book was #1 in New Age Crystals and
#6 in the large Spirituality Group on Amazon.
This is my book:
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Each of the 13 Skulls have a different Message each Revealing A Mystery 
Find Your Power Skull with Your Numerology plus
Information on Crystals and Crystal Skull Legends...
You may go to to Preview and Purchase:          Ancient Wisdom for Now - Crystals and The 13 Crystal Skulls
Your Soul is waiting for YOU!
Phone or Text 1-219-210-6607
For Your Session Session
Where You are Seen and Heard, 
Embraced in Love!

I Am Grateful for the Opportunity to Share
Ancient Wisdom 4 Now with You