Quantum Biofeedback


The Most Advanced Stress Reducing Quantum Biofeedback Device in the World Today -
This Device is a Closed Multi-Media Stress Reduction System Registered with the FDA

Medicine men, women and shamans - the ancient scientists - used their acute senses, also known as intelligent energy, to map energy flow and to heal the body for over 5000 years.

An aboriginal tribe in Australia heals broken bones in just a few days.

A couple of years ago, a young teenager in England, suffering from years of steadily worsening depression and low energy, received one EPFX-USB/SCIO treatment and announced to his parents a few hours later, "All the happiness I couldn't express before came flooding back!"

What do all these have in common? A clear understanding that electro-magnetics, at deep cellular levels, controls the health of living tissues. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils also work with the electro-magnetics of the body creating synergistic long term stress reduction to assist the body between EPFX-USB/SCIO sessions

Today, for the first time in history, we have technology to back up these beliefs. Technology that can measure electro-magnetics in the body over 110 channels and 20,000 plus frequencies, using quantum mechanic physics, nonlinear mathematics and bio-energetics, at nano-second speeds.

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