Akashic Records


Marilee is anAncient Wisdom Keeper as well as
A Gifted Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher


 Connect with Your Soul - Return toYour Innocence to Navigate the Swirling Chaotic Energy of Today's World! THE TIME IS NOW!

It's Just for YOU...
Receive the Guidance, Wisdom,
Light and Love Your Soul has for You!

The Soul can look like Sunlight on Water - with a Coaching Session comes a description of Your Soul!

Your Akashic Record is a Vibrational Record of YOUR SOUL from its Inception through to the Present with the Possibilities for its Unfoldment.

Get Your questions answered in an Akashic Record Reading with Marilee for $150.00/ 45 minute to 2 hour session.  

A mini Akashic Record Reading of 45 minutes or less is $88.00

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Akasha means Primordial Substance in ancient language called Sanskrit.What are the Akashic Records? In the Bible they are known as the "Book of Life" or "The Book of Rememberance". You Feel Heard, Seen and Acknowledged when working with YOUR Akashic Records! 

Love is the Energy of the AkashicRecords, where you are Acknowledged, Seen and Heard with Acceptance and Compassion.


Akashic Records are a Vibrational Record of each Individual Soul that occur throughout time and space. The Energy of the Akashic Records is LOVE!

Every Being be it a human, microbial, an animal, bird, piece of of Land, a Corporation, a Nation or the Earth has an Akashic Record.



Your highest affiliation is to the Divine Source itself, and thus YOU were hand-picked!

YOUR Akashic Records are a shortcut to Soulful Living, Creativity, Healing and Freedom!


 Marilee Snyder-Nieciak , who has been working with the Akashic Records since 1993. Marilee is Certified in Levels I, II, III & IV with Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC. As well as having been given her own Akashic System in 2002. It is called:
READING YOUR AKASHIC RECORDS of in Alignment with Your Soul's Vibration and Frequencies. 
With the Records you get to experience being Understood and Known with Answers and Solutions to Your Questions and Issues. 


The picture below is a depiction of a Soul as it appeared to me when doing an Akashic Record Reading for Another.



  Marilee Nieciak, BSc.RMT

Level I Certification Training 

Reading Your Akashic Records
Learn To Read the Records of Your Soul by Receiving Your Personal Prayer
  Aligned with Your Vibrations and Frequencies



To Be Announced

Moving Into the 5th Dimension of Love, Grace and Creativity

Day I - From 10:00:00 AM Central Time to 4:30 PM
Receive Guidelines, Review Gifts of Spirit, Attunement,  Intro to Prayers,
Discernment of Your Energies; learn the differences between your Intuition and your Akashic Records plus the vibrations of your Word, Light, Sound and Scent. Receive Your Own Akashic Record Prayer and Closing Aligned with Your Vibrations.
Plus Exercises to Anchor in Your Personal Prayer after Dinner

Day II – From 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM with Lunch and Certification
Moving Into the 5th Dimension of Love, Grace and Creativity
An Experiential Practicum with Your Akashic Records and a
Shamanic Journey.

Included are Follow Up Calls with time to be determined by the class.The dates are:

March 11, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. CT - Module 1 –
Word Homework and Experiential questions received on the call.

March 17, 2019 at 12:00 Noon CT - Module II – Color Homework and questions.

March 24, 2019 at 12:00 Noon CT - Module III – Sound Homework and questions.

March 31, 2019at 12 Noon CT - Module IV – Scent Homework and Questions.

The Fee for the Entire Class is $310.00
Which includes a Manual and Notebook, Prayer Cards, Handouts, Gifts of Spirit
Coffee, Tea and Snacks
You Need to Bring A Sacred Text for You and Dress in Layers.

The Energy of Your Akashic Records is Love, Acceptance and Compassion for YOU!

In the Energy of Your Akashic Records You feel Acknowledged, Seen and Heard. In the Holy Books they are known as the “Book of Life” or the “God’s Book of Remembrance”

Register with Marilee@AncientWisdom4Now.com
Your Investment is$31
To Register 50% De withposit Balance Due by January 20,2019.

Coming this Spring and Summer
One Day Workshops (4)
These CLasses are Pre-Requisites to Learn How To Read The Akashic Records of Another Being

image1. Working with Crystals in Your Akashic Records
2. Love with Your Akashic Records
3. Healing Grief and Sadness with Your Akashic Records
4. Addictions, What Is It and Healing Family Patterns

Dates will be Announced - $110.00 per day - classes 2-4 are Prerequisites for going to Level II
Register with phone/text to 219-210-6607 or Marilee@ancientwisdom4now.com


This picture is a Medicine Wheel at Sage Spirit Terra our Sanctuary for Peace depicting the Solstices (North and South) and The Equinoxes  (East and West), Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine in Partnership, in balance. This is actually our Garden planted in 2010. 


We look forard to sharing Ancient Wisdom for Now...
Text 219-210-6607 or Contact at marilee@ancientwisdom4now.com

We are happy to answer any questions and book your Coaching Session, a Class and Attunement...

Thank you, it is a Pleasure to be of Service,

In Gratitude

Marilee Nieciak, BSc. RMT
Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Coach
Internationally Recognized as an Akashic Records Coach and Teacher;
Drum Circle Facilitator;
Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Reiki; Celtic Reiki, Fairy Reiki; Dragon Reiki; Atlantean & Gaia Trilogy and for Usui Reki Masters - Tibetan Reiki
SAR'H - Spiritual Aromatherapy Reiki Healing
SCIO Quantum Biofeedback;
Shamanic Practitioner; 

Transformational Author
Young Living Essential Oils Distributor #431711