Rev. Marilee Nieciak, BSc; RMT
Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Coach

Founder of Sage Spirit Terra, A Sanctuary of Peace and
Ancient Wisdom for NOW!

Where Mysteries Are Revealed!
Our Mission Is To Empower  
Individuals To Empower Themselves With
Transform Your Life With the
Individual Coaching Sessions, Group Gatherings,
Classes and Workshops Sharing
Ancient Wisdom and Ancient Healing Arts
Including Quantum Biofeedback with the SCIO.
All Modalities Provide Guidance,
To Help You, Help Your Self,
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
It is up to You!

Try A
Drum Circle for Direct Revelation Or
Shamanic Healing of Extraction, Soul Retrieval and
Assisting Beings with their Journey Home +
House and Land Clearing
By Accessing Your Divine Soul with
Your Akashic Records
You will Receive
Guidance from Your Soul
Are YOU Ready to Own Your Life?
We use the Ancient Wisdom Sacred Prayer 
To Answer Your Questions
About Your Past, Present and Future,
Benefiting You by Allowing You to
Know Your Purpose with Clarity,
 Expanding our Conscious Awareness,      
Embraced in Love -
Love is the Energy of
The Akashic Records where You
Are Acknowledged, Seen and Heard!
Simply Request a Session by
Phone or Text 219-210-6607 Now
Sessions are In Person,
By Phone or Skype 
A Session is generally an 45 minutes to 2 hours

Universal Life Force Energy 
For the Highest and Best Good
Treatments for Relaation and Stress Reduction
Reiki and the Akashic Records go Hand in Hand
Classes to Empower You in
Usui Reiki Levels I, II, Master/Teacher
Learn Reiki I
On Saturday, May 30, 2020 from 10am 4pmCDT

Kathy O’Farrell, RM/T Will Teach the REIKI I Class including the Individual Attunements
Kathy is a Light Worker and Reiki Master/Teacher trained in the Usui System of Natural Healing as well as,   Accessing her Akashic Records while using Crystals and Essential Oils. She enjoys opening her heart to unconditional love, compassion and spiritual growth on a daily basis. She is traveling to Sage Spirit Terra in Michigan City from Fishers, IN.

This class is being offered on a DONATION basis only.
 Kathy will provide a Reiki I Manual for each attendee.
We ask that you bring food for yourself and to share for lunch.
Water, Tea and Coffee will be provided.
To insure we have enough Manuals, Please Register with Marilee Nieciak
Phone or text 219-210-6607 by May 27, 2020
Class will be held in the Turtle Lodge

Celtic Reiki Levels I, II, Master/Teacher
Tibetan Reiki for Usui Reiki Masters
Atlantean Gaia Trilogy Attunements
Dragon Reiki Level I, II, Master/Teacher
Faery Reiki and Faery Tree Spirit Reiki
All For Comfort and Stress Reduction
Reiki = Hands of Lighted Love


Quantum Energy Medicine


The SCIO Quantum Biofeedback’s AI technology is based on Albert Einstein's premise "that we are All Energetic Beings having an Earth Experience." The SCIO works with Animals, Houses and Land as well as Human Beings.

This machine was developed By the NASA Scientist, Dr. William Nelson, who figured out the correct Navigational Coordinates of Apollo 13 to bring it safely home.

Medicine men, women and shamans - the ancient scientists - used their acute senses, also known as intelligent energy, to map energy flow and to heal the body for over 5000 years. An aboriginal tribe in Australia can heal broken bones in just a few days.

What do all these have in common? A clear understanding that electro-magnetics, at deep cellular levels, controls the health of living tissues. Today, for the first time in history, we have technology to back up these beliefs. Technology that can measure electro-magnetics in the body, using quantum mechanics physics, nonlinear mathematics and bio-energetics, at Nano-second speeds.

Reiki, Drumming, the Akashic Records and Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils All work with the electro-magnetics, vibrations and frequencies of the body creating synergistic long term stress reduction to assist the body.

The SCIO is one of the most advanced Stress Reducing Quantum Biofeedback Devices in the World Today - It is a Closed Multi-Media Stress Reduction System Registered with the FDA. It Records your DNA Vibration and Frequencies, information over 110 channels in your body and 20,000+ frequencies showing where the body is out of balance and what treatments assist in bringing the body back into balance.

Each Session is 2 hours or more and can be done in person or Long Distance if Your DNA pattern is in the machine or you can send a hair sample and make an appointment.

For More Information - Text 1-219-210-6607 OR Email:


Spiritual Aromatherapy Reiki Healing
SAR'H uses three modalities;
Akashic Records, Aromatherapy and Reiki
We ask what the client's specific needs are 
for their Individual Session.
We have used up to 19 different oils in a Session,
which are in person ONLY
Simply Text 1-219-210-6607 Request Your Session 
In May of 2001, Marilee became an Authorized
Young Living Essential Oils

Independent Distributor #431711.
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We Look forward to Sharing with YOU!
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Ancient Wisdom for Now - Crystals and The 13 Crystal Skulls
Your Soul is waiting for YOU!
Phone or Text 1-219-210-6607
For Your Session Where You are Seen and Heard, 
Embraced in Love!
I Am Grateful for the Opportunity to Share
Ancient Wisdom for Now with You