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We create a Sacred Space that becomes a Safe Haven in a stressful day or a starting point for deeper work. Phone or Text 219-210-6607.

Akashic Record Consultations:  Through the use of a Sacred Prayer, the client’s Akashic Record is accessed to give guidance for the Highest & Best Good of All. For a Consulting Session Call or Text 219-210-9016.

Quantum Biofeedback - SCIO

This AI technology is based on Albert Einstein's premise "that we are All Energetic Beings having an Earth Experience. The SCIO works with Animals, Houses and Land as well as Human Beings.

This machine was developed By the NASA Scientist, Dr. William Nelson/Desiree Dubonet  figured out the correct Navigational Coordinates
of Apollo 13 to bring it safely home.


One of the most Advanced Stress Reducing Quantum Biofeedback Devices in the World Today - This Device is a Closed Multi-Media Stress Reduction System Registered with the FDA. It Records your DNA Vibration, information over 110 channels in your body and 20,000+ frequencies telling where the body is out of balance and what treatments will assist in bringing the body back into balance and provides treatment. Call or Text Marilee at 219-210-6607
Reiki is Universal Energy that cleanses and balances patterns in the body and the auric field. As a result, the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms "kick in" to relax and reduce stress that helps strengthen and bring the body in homeostasis. Marilee is a Master/Teacher Usui Reiki and 7 other Reiki Modalaties
For a Reiki or SAR'H Session Call or Text 219-210-6607.

Restoration:  This is a System of Healing our ancestral wounds and cellular memory received from our DNA. Each Restoration takes from 2 to 4 hours. See tab for more information. For a Restoration Appointment, phone Marilee at 219-210-6607.

Shamanic Healing:  Using Ancient Techniques of Extraction, Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval, Ceremony & Ritual the client moves toward wholeness in a culture of separatism. Soul Retrieval uses Shamanic Journeys to mend the fragmented soul resulting from spiritual, emotional and physical trauma. We restore the fine, higher vibration essences of the soul. Power Animals are often retrieved at the same time, returning childhood energies and our Totems. Each Session is interactive and experiential lasting approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Click on Shamanism & Shamanic Healing for more information or phone 219-210-9016.

Young Living Essential Oils:  For more information; call Marilee or send her an email from Contact Me by phone or email or go to our Young Living Page - click Tab. 

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Akashic Records

Akashic Record Consultations: 
Through the use of a Sacred Prayer, the client’s Akashic Record is accessed to give guidance for the Highest & Best Good of All. The Practitioner/Reader asks permission to "read" the Frequencies and Vibrations of the Client's Soul, which glows like sunlight on water. The vibrations reveal the information that the Keepers of the Records deem necessary. The information comes through the "reader" not from her/him. A session usually lasts approximately one hour.  It is always wise for the client to have a series of questions to be answered, even though they are not initially revealed to the practitioner, they are the Intention set forth for the Consultation.

Phone or Text 219-210-9016 to book an Appointment. 


An Explanation for Learning the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life or Book of Remembrance.  Every Being (be it human, animal, tree, rock, places or businesses) has a Soul and an Akashic Record.“AKASHA” is a Sanskrit word meaning Primordial Substance – That from which All Creation comes. 

The Akasha is also
Divine Love is the Vibration of Sound & Light.
It is about DISCERNING these different vibrations – Eyes Wide Open;
Rather than entering an Altered State of Consciousness by going to
Non-Ordinary Reality To the Beat of the Drum or
Receiving Intuitive Information –

We become the Detached Observer Discerning the Various Vibrations.
We will be accessing the Akashic Records –
Not channeling or Journeying to Specific Beings/Entities. 

The Akashic Records are a shortcut to “Soulful Living”.

You will further learn to Discern the differences between
your intuition, your guides and Your Soul’s Guidance.
You will experience Your Authentic Self as it unfolds.

The Records show the “why” of things in your life, reveal patterns
that no longer serve you, how to heal your Self, your Relationships,
Joy, Peace & Serenity.

The information & guidance from the Records
is always for the Highest & Best Good of All that Is.

Working in the Records is a Discipline, based on the word “Disciple”.
So as Humans – when accessing the Records we are Manifesting
Our Own Divine Love by Merging Consciously with the God Source.
This Energy of the Akasha equally represents the Balance of Both Energies
God/Goddess; Yin/Yang for that is the reflection that we are going to observe.

The Akashic Records hold the information of ALL THAT IS
and within this body of Loving Knowledge the Unique Vibration
of Your Soul Exists through All Time & Space.
Each one of us has our own unique vibration, which we can refine, raise or lower
depending on the choices we make. We will, through Discernment,
bring this vibration of Love forward through Sacred Prayer.

You will Learn How Your are Known in the Universe.

Your unique vibration is the Library Card that allows access to the
Akashic Records. Through the Records we can shift Energy in our lives
by the use of our intentions, words and actions.
The integrity of the Records is Always maintained.

As we refine our subtle vibrations we gain
further access to the information of the Akasha.
We are only given what we can handle.
You Experience and Re-Member Who You. 
Working in Your Records allows You to Experience Being Accepted, Heard & Loved Unconditionally.
How can Mother Father God do anything else but Love, Accept, Hear &
Respond to Their Precious Child – You?
Receiving the Akashic Records is just that  - opening to RECEIVE Self. 

Journeying is going out to SEEK Answers.
Actually Journeying & Receiving are the perfect  balance for being Known in the Universe.

                                                                   RECEIVING = FEMININE
                                                               JOURNEYING = MASCULINE

                                                                     Both require TRUST.

                                  Trust in Your Ability to Receive and Seek; Trust in the information and guidance.

                      Trust in Your Self as a worthy Seeker whether journeying or receiving. 

                    You are seeking to expand your awareness of All That Is, thereby raising your vibration. 

                         As you raise Your Vibration you are 
Shining more Light and Love. 

                                          It is the process of Bringing Heaven to Earth, 

                                               As Above – So Below. Copyright © 2002 Sage Spirit Terra

Quantum Biofeedback

Energy Medicine

This Artifial Intelligence technology is based on Albert Einstein's premise "that we are All Energetic Beings having an Earth Experience." The SCIO works with Animals, Houses and Land as well as Human Beings.

This machine was developed By the NASA Scientist, Dr. William Nelson figured out the correct Navigational Coordinates
of Apollo 13 to bring it safely home.

Medicine men, women and shamans - the ancient scientists - used their acute senses, also known as intelligent energy, to map energy flow and to heal the body for over 5000 years. An aboriginal tribe in Australia heal broken bones in just a few days.

A couple of years ago, a young teenager in England, suffering from years of steadily worsening depression and low energy, received one EPFX-USB/SCIO treatment and announced to his parents a few hours later, "All the happiness I couldn't express before came flooding back!"

What do all these have in common? A clear understanding that electro-magnetics, at deep cellular levels, controls the health of living tissues.
Today, for the first time in history, we have technology to back up these beliefs. Technology that can measure electro-magnetics in the body, using quantum mechanic physics, nonlinear mathematics and bio-energetics, at nano-second speeds.

Reiki, Drumming, the Akashic Records and Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils All
work with the electro-magnetics of the body creating synergistic long term stress reduction
to assist the body.

The SCIO is one of the most advanced Stress Reducing Quantum Biofeedback Devices in the World Today - It is a Closed Multi-Media Stress Reduction System Registered with the FDA. It Records your DNA Vibration and Frequencies, information over 110 channels in your body and 20,000+ frequencies showing where the body is out of balance and what treatments assist in bringing the body back into balance.

Each Session is 2 hours and can be done in person or
Long Distance if Your DNA pattern is in the machine.
For More Information - Text 1-219-210-6607

Reiki - 8 different + Classes

$Call per

Reiki is a Japanese word. This Universal Energy Healing originates in China and Tibet. This techique of energy healing cleanses and balances the energy patterns in the body and the auric field. As a result, the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms are strengthened. Helping the body to establish homeostasis emotionally, mentally and physically; healing spiritual wounds.

During a session, an energetic connection is made with you in order to remove blockages, detoxify your energy system, and restore your vital life force energy.  The Reiki technique utilizes a gentle laying on of hands to conduct the necessary energy force between us.  The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain.

Marilee became an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in 1995, who continues her training. She is offering to facilitate your personal Healing. The first step is cleaning, clearing & balancing the Energy (Chi) of the client. 

In 2005, Marilee added the healing modality called Dar'Shem which takes the hands on healing to much deeper levels by adding the Feminine Healing Energies fully complimenting the predominately masculine energy of Reiki. Dar"Shem actually works in the right brain hemispheres, the place of receptivitity, intuition and creativity. Dar'Shemgreatly deepens the practioners skills by bringing and understanding by tieing together the linguistics and healing traditions of the Celts, Egyptians & of the Kabbalah, To study Dar'Shem, one needs to be a Reiki Master. 

AROMA-REIKI is adding Young Living Essential Oils to the sessionThis amplifies and deepens the energy work of both Rieki and Dar'Shem. Essential Oils tie together both the Ancient Traditions of the East (Reiki) and West (Dar'Shem). Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts show that priests and physians were using essential oils thousands of years before Christ to heal the sick.
For more information call or text 219-210-6607 or email


This is a System for Healing our ancestral wounds and cellular memory received from our parents and Ancestors. Each session lasts from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the unique history and needs of the individual.
This work is a culmination of 17 years of extensive training in Energy Work, Shamanic Healing Techniques, The Akashic Records, The Frequency & Healing Powers of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. These modalities work simultaneously with the client, sometimes it is just one modality or a combination of all of the modalities as we release trauma in its many forms from our ancestral linages. We travel back in time to the source of the woundedness. 

This system of Co- created Healing was gifted to Marilee in a series of Akashic Record sessions with her Record Keepers. It has evolved over time. Originally it was simply Energy Work and the Akashic Records. It has shifted and changed as more knowledge and skills were acquired. Now it is a blended marriage of the different modalities depending on what the client needs in the moment. 

The Client actively participates in Releasing What No Longer Serves them & the RESTORATION of themSelves while being supported and facilitated in a Sacred Space by the Facilitator. The session starts out by clearing blockages in the physical body. Then we travel back in time and transform the trauma then bring the healing forward to the present which inturn heals seven future generations. We work together as a team to shapeshift the DNA. More than one session may be necessary to clear the linages of our Mothers, Fathers and Spouses.

For A Restoration Appointment - Phone or Text Marilee at 219-210-6607 or Click on Contact Me

Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is as old as time itself. It is about living in Harmony with the Earth and all Living Beings including in All of the Waters on the Planet. Shamanism is a Healing Practice and the earliest known Spiritual Practice of humankind. The word “Shaman” is actually a Siberian word for Spiritual Healer. Shamanism is practiced in South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland and in our native North America.

All of Rev. Marilee's teachers are internationally known. We want to acknowledge those Teachers that were instrumental in her journey. They are Michael Harner,PhD; Sandra Ingerman, Teacher & Author; Bernardo (Ipupiera) Piexoto, PhD, anthropologist at the Smithsonian & Master Shaman from Brazil; Jenny (Cliecha) Zamora, Teacher at the American University, Master Herbalist & Healer; John Perkins of Dream Change Coalition.
Michael Harner, PhD, anthropologist, taught the Basic Course for The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, which he founded, reviving the Shamanic Journey in our Western culture. He brought Shamanism to the USA after he discovered that regardless of cultural differences and geography, all shamans journey and is a common practice around the world. Dr. Michael Harner wrote the book, “The Way of the Shaman” 
Sandra Ingerman is the author of many books, including “Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Soul” and Medicine for the Earth. She taught Soul Retrieval for The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Rev. Marilee studied with her in Oregon. She also  taught class on  how Shamans work with and assist humans that are dying or dead as well as our animal companions on Earth, all of this work is done through Shaman Journeys.
Shamanic Journeys allow the individual to communicate directly with their Power Animals, Guides in Human Form as well as other Spirits that are available to be of service and assistance. To quote Sandra Ingerman “ The Shamanic Journey is the Path to Direct Revelation”
Quantum Physics describes a field of Energy that connects everything. Shamans speak of the Web of Life. In our modern western culture, most people have lost their connection to the Web of All that Is, and feel isolated. When we travel to “Non-Ordinary Reality” in our shamanic journeys, we learn how to communicate with our helpers, guides, power animals as well as the Spirit of the trees, plants, rocks, birds, fish, insects as well as the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water, each representing a cardinal direction. We have Direct Revelation by Directly Experiencing the Web of Life. 
The Shamanic Journey is Experiential and often ecstatic. The traditional role of the Shaman is to Journey to help the community either by locating food sources for survival; ceremonies that that welcome children into the world; performing marriages interpret dreams and help people be re-born on the other side of the Veil. Healing is a very important duty of the Shaman. From a Shaman’s perspective there are three causes of Dis-ease, which are:
Loss of Personal Power – causing depression, chronic illness or misfortunes.
Loss of Soul Essences – this is generally caused by trauma, emotional, spiritual, and physical, like surgery, accidents, abuse, war, and natural disasters. Soul Loss often results in addiction, immune deficiency, depression, grief & sadness. In extreme cases is can cause comas and post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Spiritual Blockages or Negative Energies – the person takes on negative energies due to the above losses. These blockages are generally in a specific area of the body.
It is the duty of the Healing Shaman/Medicine Person to remove the Blockages, Retrieve the lost Power (which often returns as Power Animals) this lost energy returns to its rightful place in the physical body. 

Again, it is the duty of the Shaman to retrieve the Soul Essences and return them to the body and prepare the person to go forward. The Soul is never truly lost. During trauma Essences go to live in the Energy Field of the Person. The Soul Essences carry memories, which would be too painful for survival. The Soul Essences will reveal themselves once the traumatic situation is over.  
We are the only Ones that can Truly Change Our Own Lives by accessing All of Our World.
There are three worlds, the Lower World of plants and animals, the Upper World with your "Teacher in Human Form” and the Middle World which non-ordinary reality of our everyday 3-D world. In these other worlds there is an invisible reality of the Shaman that is accessed through Shamanic Journeys. In a Shamanic Journey we travel to the steady beat of the singles headed frame drum. So that there is no shock of return, there is a call back beat & finish. Everyone can Journey with Guidance.
Learn more about Shamanism & Shamanic Journeys, please Schedule an Appointment  for one or more of the following that are often woven together.

    Have an Extraction Performed to Remove Negative Energies
    Have a Power Animal Retrieval to Restore Personal Power
    Have a Soul Retrieval Performed to Restore Soul Essences & Memory
    Have a Shamanic Counseling Session
    Learn to Journey in One on One Sessions
    Learn to Work with Your Power Animals & Helpers
    Learn to Navigate Your Non-Ordinary Reality in the Three Worlds
    Learn To Receive & Seek Guidance & Personal Healing
    Learn Your Own Ceremonies and Rituals Aligned with Your Soul Vibration
To Schedule an Appointment or attend a Shamanic Journey Drum Circle - 
Phone: 219-879-3906  or CLICK on Contact Me or Request a Session

Sharing our Wisdom

$Ask per 2 hour session includes travel


We share stories of our adventures traveling the Earth and Universe. Learning and Teaching through stories - to give Hope and Inspiration to Empower Individuals to Empower themselves.

Sometimes we provide Insights and Guidance from the Akashic Records;
Sometimes we Drum;
Sometimes we Journey to distant places;
Sometimes we go to the Caves of Our Ancestors for knowledge and wisdom.
Sometimes we bring Crystal Skulls for a Conversation
Sometimes we share Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils,which we have used since May 17, 2001.
We Share our Transformation...

What are your Needs and Wants?

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