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Warfield Moose, Elder, who visited us in March 2009, did ceremony in our Lodge. He has the original recordings of Black Elk with out the editing. Black Elk’s words are:

“Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world…And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father.  And I saw that it was holy. But anywhere is the center of the world” 


Elders of the Sámi Nation who originated the World Drum, which came to us for a week in July of 2007, are the Reindeer People from the North, Keepers of the Northern Mysteries, including the Runes and the Teachings of the stones. They have been drumming for 125,000 years plus and send the World Drum around the World for Peace on Earth and Good Will towards All… They teach:

“Everywhere you stand is sacred and it is the central point from which all else revolves, which is neither up nor down, right nor left.  In our Semiah homeland it is called the Yggdrasil or World Tree, (axis mundi). 

It is a sacred Ash tree whose trunk forms the axis of the worlds or what are known as the sacred directions.  The Yggdrasil/Runes holds the world up.  It is both a source of life and knowledge.  

These are the Norse Teachings also known as Pagan Wisdom. It is all Earth Honoring.


Each one of us stands at the Yggdrasil or sacred center.  Thus at any moment, we can connect to all worlds which are in the directions of the East, South, West, North, Below, Above and the Within and those beyond in the realm of the Gods and Spirits. 

We humans have the free will to choose our human center.  What we put our attention on is what will expand.   So we choose what comes our way.  


My South American Teachers/Elders say the World is as You Dream It. We move forward & backward in time clearing “Karma” as we raise our frequencies by becoming more conscious. Time is Circular Not Linear. We stand in Our Sacred Center affecting the past, present and future simultaneously.  For them there is a Lower World (Hel/Runes) for Heal & Healing; Non –ordinary reality in the Middle World (Midgard) and guidance in the Upper World (Asgard) with supporting, guiding Spirits in each Realm. See diagram below.


The Aboriginal People of Australia Honor everything in their Land and teach that Every Thing including individual people have a song. When you learn the Songs you can move forward and backward in time for the highest and best good 

Below is a Depiction of the Sámi world of Seven Directions (inner circle), with Gods & Spirits.  Like the South American Teachings there is a Lower World (Hel), Middle World (Midgard) and an Upper World (Asgard).   




We Honor The Oneness of the Circle of Life.

Circles within Circles overlapping moving forward and backward. 

Sage Spirit Terra is our Home and a place of ANCIENT WISDOM FOR NOW.


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First International On-Line Crystal Skull Conference for Unity and Expansion. Rev. Marilee A. Snyder-Nieciak shared a wide range of wisdom and knowledge during the first international on-line Crystal Skull Conference. She first had contact with the crystal skulls in 1992 through the book written by Jamie Sams who had interviewed a number of indigenous grandmothers (discussing the legends of the Original Grandmothers and the crystal skulls).


Listen to an interview with Barbara Koenig (guardian of the very old skull INFINTI from Mexico) and Nicole Lahousse (an expert on the crystal skulls) and Joshua Shapiro of Crystal Skull Explorers:

Crystal Skull convention Speakers Interviews Saturday Nov, 17th:

"Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other Mysteries" 11:00am-1pm PT and 2pm-4pm ET it's a chance to meet three of the conference speakers, Rev. Marilee-Ann, Allayah, and Laurie Nielsen Awakening Truth Worldwide

Archive Radio shows


Listen to my recent radio interview on WVLP 98.3 FM with Randi Light on Transformation Radio.



By Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak

On Saturday I was chatting with a friend and she brought up the word “NEED”. I don’t even
remember what she said I “needed” initially. Then she said I “need” Spirit…

Wow did this get me thinking because I felt like two fists punched me in the abdomen just above
each thigh…I wondered what that was all about because I really never think about what I “need”.  There are many things that I have wanted or would "like" to have in my life now and in the future, but there is nothing that I “need” that I don’t already have… I have Spirit anytime, all the time – Spirit is part of who I am;  I have a home and roof over my head; I have a wonderful family, my husband and dog. Then there are my extended families – Birth Family and Soul Family of Friends. I have food with enough to share. I have my life’s “work” and flow. When I “need” something it is provided in some fashion on the Whispering of Spirit.

It continually amazes me how G-d/Spirit provides for us. We had a client bounce a series of checks in payment for services to the tune of $1100.00.  They wired the money to my bank account AND Spirit sent me new clients to help us. Not only did we get our money, but we are receiving more.

I have been thinking about this for several days when this wonderful chart appeared on
facebook. It helps clarify “need”.  It is on page 2 of this article...

Where I felt the pain was in the emotional place for abandonment and betrayal.  Not knowing this I went to the book signing /drum circle that my friends at the Great Escape organized for me. I was
telling them what happened the day before. One of the Healers/Body Workers said that the day before her Reiki Master/Teacher was speaking about this.  These two points are the points we must now anchor Spirit to continue moving forward to the next paradigm. Spirit never betrays us. Spirit never abandons us. These are perceptions we give ourselves in our woundedness.

Our families and friends don’t betray us – they teach us by allowing us to experience and heal.
Or ultimately we only feel betrayed and abandoned based on our own actions and perceptions.

 Did I betray myself by not telling my Truth?  Did I abandon myself by doing what others said
I “should” do rather than follow my heart? The answer is a resounding YES.

When  I started following Spirit’s Guidance and my heart – I found mySelf and All that I Need is inside of me – The unique me that I came here to be!  I even returned from a Death Experience to do this – to be me; to allow others the safe space to be themselves.  What a gift to myself. 

So when I ask myself what I “need” the answer is -To be True to myself; to Trust the guidance I
receive from my Soul and Spirit with G-d’s/Creator’s support and the support of all of the loving Beings and Intelligences around me, living with us on the land. This is Love. There is no “need” only Love.

To my friend, Mary Dirksen, I thank you for your words. Your words made me dig deeper for clarity for mySelf.

On that Saturday afternoon, after our conversation, I was talking with John, my husband, about our “need” conversation. He was the one who said to me “You don’t NEED anything-We have everything we need.”















The Family Voice

By: Rev Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak

Sitting here at Riverside Market Place, an indoor farmers market where I’m selling my books, Pebbles In The Pond – Transforming the World One Person at a Time, offering information on Young Living Essential Oils and chatting with people who want guidance, comfort and hope.  I contemplate our voices, the vendors, the customers, the families and individuals browsing as they walk down the aisles.

Why do some customers avoid eye contact with vendors? Potential customers won’t even return a “hello” or “hi”.  What is this?  Is it about being voiceless?

When and how did we learn to be voiceless?   Is this a cultural or family issue or both?  How do we regain our VOICES?

At age 65, in a deep group meditation I discovered that I had truly been voiceless in my family most of my life. The “how” is that it started with my mother, then my brother and finally my sister – both followed Mom’s example in how to treat me. Out of their own fear – they ridiculed, shamed and embarrassed me and that family dynamic continues today with my nephew. His birth mother did not listen or allow him to
express himself – he is heard more now that he lives with his God-parents who adopted him.  He was so voiceless that he started acting out. He was wounded by a wounded mother who treated him the same
way she was treated by her father.

How did I regain my voice?  For I did, I’m writing about it now. First and foremost it is a process of changing internally, healing the emotional and spiritual wounds, like peeling the proverbial onion, one layer at a time. Truly it is a process of natural healing, re-tracing and letting go one step at a time. One wound heals, then another appears to be healed…It happens over time because on a physical level we could not handle the process all at one time.

Start with baby steps.
Because I needed to be able to speak up, in the 1970s, I took Dale Carnegie classes. In the 1980s I did Werner Earhart’s EST Training (it's now called Landmark), classes and seminars and started reading books on creativity, change, transformation and Spirituality. 

In the 1990s Linda Howe was my teacher and mentor for working with the Light, Shamanic Drumming, Journey work for direct revelation and Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval and finally how to work with the Akashic Records, reading my own Records and the Records of other Beings and Intelligences. Linda
recommended that I work with Sandra Ingerman to learn Soul Retrieval and Shamanism, Death and Dying, after doing a weekend with Michael Harner to learn how to receive guidance, answers and help others with divination.

In a Drum Circle at Linda’s house in Chicago, I met my Reiki Master Anthony who did Soul Retrieval Training with me. I bought my place, Sage Spirit Terra based on information I received from the Akashic Records and my own Shamanic Journeys.

This was my secret garden, very little was revealed to my family. My Dad was my biggest supporter when I bought the land followed by my youngest sister. Dad died in 2002 and my sister died in 2005. Any family support I ever had was gone and my mother came to live with me for 5 months before my sister died. She hated living with us so much she chose to go to a nursing home near my other sister. The pain of being around my family was literally “gut wrenching” because of the judgments, attachment to outcomes, control and fear.

Where there is fear there is no Love.  Fear paralyzes. Benign neglect comes from fear of not knowing what to do. To avoid being judged, family members go along to get along then bury their Truth in work, alcohol, shopping or any other addiction to numb the pain of being ignored, invisible, not seen, not heard, and not accepted for their thoughts, beliefs, creativity and emotions.

What happens within us as children when we know “the Truth”? Mom is passed out from drugs and alcohol, but we can’t tell anyone. The lies create dis-trust, first of our own knowing.  We learn not to trust our instincts. Trust in us is huge – it is the foundation of love and acceptance of Self. Trust is the foundation of self-confidence – confidence to tell our Truth; to be who we are under all of those layers.

Shamanic Journeys is the method I used to access my guides and helpers in non-ordinary reality where all knowledge, wisdom and healing is available. With Shamanic Journeys we learn to face our own fears and walk through them with positive results. As we retrieve bits and pieces of ourselves and regain our Power (life force energy) we gain strength to withstand the verbal and benign abuse by either leaving the situation, not showing up in the first place to do self-care or by quietly and firmly voicing our boundaries of what is acceptable to us.

Finding our voices in a voiceless culture, be it family or community, is an act of Love, Strength and Courage for ourselves, our Soul and Spirit – each and every part of us.

Each time we heal, for only we can heal ourselves, we bring life force energy into ourselves we become
brighter, lighter and stronger from the rise in out vibrations. We start trusting ourselves, our guts, our knowing. We learn little by little, bit by bit, a little at a time what “feels good” and what doesn’t. Our gut never lies, so we discover we can trust it.

Creativity is an act of Love in any arena for it is listening to the whispering of Spirit.

Take your first step.  Tell a stranger some part of your Truth that you have never spoken before. Or write down how you feel in different situations. Write down the “negative” in your eyes and heart, what causes you pain and suffering – write it all down stream of consciousness, no editing. Then, let it go by burning each little bit of ripped up paper with your prayers of release and forgiveness of Self and others.

You can burn it outside in a fire or in a large metal pot with some sage and cedar or do a St. Michael’s
Flame. A St. Michael’s flame is equal parts of Epsom Salts and Rubbing Alcohol in a clean tuna can or small metal can, in pie tin in a large skillet with a handle.

Light the alcohol, it looks like a sterno flame. Add each piece of paper to the fire and let everything
burn until there are no more flames. This could take 20 minutes to two hours. While it is cooling, dig a hole in the Earth. Bury the contents of the metal can in the Earth with your prayers of release for the highest and best good of All with gratitude and appreciation.

It is important to express your gratitude and appreciation for the healing throughout the entire process
from finding the paper and pen, getting all of your supplies together. Be grateful for the release of the toxic feelings and emotions.

If the ground is frozen, flush the contents down the sink or toilet with your same prayers. All water is
holy and healing. Upon completion of the process, to facilitate your body’s release, take a “detox” bath of one cup each of Epsom Salts, Baking Soda and Sea Salt. Have the water as hot as you can stand it and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes and rinse with a cool shower. Celebrate with self-care, relax.

Continue your healing process and increased conscious awareness experiencing various natural healing
modalities of massage, cranial sacral, acupuncture, breath work, yoga, vibrational healing of Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, Soul Retrieval, Akashic Record Readings, Shamanic Journeys and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

This is how you heal your Soul and Spirit – experientially, retrieving more of your voice one step at a time until your voice becomes a voice of Service to yourself and others – delivered in your own wonderfully unique and special fashion, delivered with Love and Power.

Thank you Dorit Sasson for the opportunity to express my experience of being voiceless in my family and
how I continue my healing one day at a time – one decade at a time; standing in the fullness of who I am and who I am growing into in the fullness of the Light and Power of my Soul and Spirit.

Many blessings and much love and acceptance to each person searching for their authentic voice; We are here to help you find your voice.  


The One Tree

By: Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak

IMAGINE Or PICTURE A TREE With NO LEAVES In Front of A Setting Sun  

Pearlstone Retreat Center, Maryland USA – March 7, 2012

Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. Happy 112 Birthday Emma Catherine Allen Wrightsman!

The Oneness of the Tree of Life has never been more evident than now. As I sit looking out towards the Sun directly behind a Tree without its leaves and I know as the procession of the Sun continues and it blasts us with more and more Light we will grow and expand like the ripples in the pond.

The Tree will develop little buds that become leaves bringing nutrients to and from the roots.  The roots must grow deep in Mother Earth in the Winter so that the Outer Tree grows in the Spring and Summer with its new babies, the branches and leaves. Then in Autumn the leaves fall and the life force is drawn down into the roots for the Winter sleep.

The Tree is a metaphor for the human procession through life.  We are born; for the first thirteen years we watch and learn through playing and imitating. Then we begin to change and we must leave infancy and childhood behind. Then we start moving away from our complete dependency on our parents.  We begin to develop ourselves, expressing more of who we are with raging hormones and changing bodies.

After another 13 years we shift again. We think about relationships with others, our own families and
children. We work. We work at raising our children and families or growing a business (our child).

At 39 we begin to transform once again. We continue to work, but the children are growing up and on their own more. We start looking for something more. What is that “MORE”? The “more” is the unseen world of Spirituality that manifests as Service, Volunteer Work. It makes us feel good. We continue to work within the structures that we co-created, our families, our work, our communities.

Year one to 13 is the first cycle, Spring; 13 to 26 is the second cycle, Summer; 26 to 39 is the third
cycle, Autumn and the last cycle, Winter,  is 39 to 52 years of age.   We have completed the first journey around the “Medicine Wheel”. We begin to let go of our illusions created by our needs and neediness for stuff and approval.

At each shift of ages in our lives, we let go of more as we acquire more responsibility for ourselves.
Stuff and Approval aren’t as important as we learn to go deep within the emotional and spiritual healing required for our transformation. At 65 we get to be children again, playing and enjoying ourselves with grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren. 

As I sit and watch the Sun fade behind the tree, I see these cycles in the trees. They grow from a seed or acorn. They grow and bloom, nourishing the next generation of seeds; their leaves dry out, whither and fall off dropping the new growth. The tree draws in its energy, going deep with the Earth for six months to grow roots.   The roots expand, drawing in nutrients, water and love from Mother Earth.

The tree can only grow as much as the roots grew in the Winter. The cycle begins again as the sap begins to flow to the upper branches, bringing love and nourishment for new growth anchored in the Sun.

This is a perfect example of the Gnostic Axiom – As Above So Below – As Below So Above; Bringing Heaven to Earth.

This is the human experience as well. The tree didn’t separate itself from the Earth and the Sun.
It is a bridge.

This connection of the trees as bridges is particularly visible in the Northern and Southern Rainforests where no logging has occurred. The roots and the canopies of the trees are equal and quite astounding in their size.  Look at the Giant Redwoods of California and the Sequoia Trees in Northern California.

As we desecrate the Earth, we desecrate humanity with lack of respect for the cycles of Life. WE are not
out growing our neediness for stuff and approval. WE are not given loving touches because it is “incorrect” we are given sexual abuse instead. Where is acceptance of the individual in the group or family structure?

It is time to honor the Medicine Wheel of our lives. Honor the Loving Life Force Energy in every living
Being and Intelligence. Each plant, animal, rock, flower, bird, insect, microbe, virus, parasite and bacteria contributes to the Whole with its unique gift and purpose.

The Earth is alive with these same cycles. If we live in harmony – We will have compassion, acceptance
and respect for ourselves, our families, our communities, the World and the Universe – We will be at Peace in our Oneness with the One Tree.


Past BLOGS in Numerical Order:

Ancient Wisdom for NOW!

Ancient Teachings and Wisdom were once only available in Mystery Schools to a select few.                

The Time Is Now for everyone to have these teachings.

Think about life before like before alphabets, writing, books, newspapers, the internet, recordings, computers, CD’s, DVDs, calculators, video games and all things digital? 

Think and expand your awareness to that time – there they are the 13 Original Crystal Skulls. 

Think about how much information a computer chip holds and expand that information to the size of a human skull. How much information does each Skull really hold? Think about it. It is almost beyond comprehension in the vastness of information. 

Remember that radios and television use small quartz crystal chips to transmit and receive words, sounds and images. We broadcast from deep space.

These 13 Original Crystal Skulls are vast libraries of information for each Age on:

How to heal individual traumas

How to heal our relationships

How to heal group traumas

How to heal communities,

How to heal diseases naturally

How to survive the Earth Changes

How to work with the Earth,

How to work with the iron crystal core of the Earth

How to work with the telluric realm, including all variety of crystals

How to work with natural pathogens including viruses, bacteria & microbes

How to work with plants

How to works with trees

How to work with all mammals

How to work with all birds

How to work with insects 

These Skulls are alive with the Wisdom of The Ages and the Knowledge of the expanding Universe. It is all available if we only ask… There is the secret – How do we ask for help and guidance?


2. Fathers as Teachers


Ipupiara Makunaiman (Dr. Bernardo D. Peixoto) was a Teacher and Father to many and especially to his tribe inBraziland his tribe of students inNorth Americaand around the world. 



He is a shining light, who left Earth on May 16, 2011. He will return to help us all. Let us rejoice in his wisdom, guidance and Love... 


Ipu and his wife were our house guests on two occasions for our Community Healing Waters Events just after September 11, 2001 and a year later. How he lovedLake Michiganwith its crystal sand - fresh water wider than the Amazon. He was such a good Healer, Teacher,Mentorand Friend to many including me, my husband and our community here in Northwest Indiana. He came to the USA to teach living from the heart in Love with everything, especially the Earth.


Ipupiara was an Anthropologist, who worked at the Smithsonian when we met him in 1999. He was a dedicated Environmentalist, Healer and Teacher from the Ure-ewau-wau (People of the Stars) tribe ofBrazil, the last shaman of his people (only 30 members of this tribe are still alive on Earth).


Dr. Peixoto was a co-founder of Dream Change Coalition with John Perkins,


The Native Cultural Alliance and Eco Global Journey organizations which are dedicate to the preservation and sharing of native cultures and wisdom. 


What Ipupiara taught me gave me the ability to share Ancient Wisdom relevant for everyone on Earth. 


This blog is not complete with out a dedication to Ipu’s wife Cleicha.


Cleicha laughed heartily at John and me and said: “Marilee, the wife is always the second Mother; it is your job to teach him.” Think about that little nugget of Wisdom.  The Time Is Now!


3. Questions – How to Ask & Receive 


All the information and answers we need is available if we only ask


That is the real secret!


How do we ask?


There is a technology to questions and prayers.


# 1 never asks WHEN. The unseen world beyond our 3-D eyesight has no concept of linear time as we know it – so generally speaking when we ask when, those answers are inaccurate for many reasons. 


# 2 look for patterns. It is the patterns in your life that YOU don’t like or want to change for something better.


# 3 all healing comes from you and your awareness and consciousness.


# 4 be willing to take responsibility for taking action on the answers to your questions. That is where real growth and healing exists. If we do not following the guidance or answer given, we will continue to receive the same answer until we do what we are asked. We must be willing to change.


#5 be careful what you ask for 


Questions are Prayers asking for solutions. When we Pray for a specific outcome, we need to Pray as if it has already happen with Thanks, Appreciation and Gratitude.


“Thank You for sending me paying customers so all my obligations and responsibilities are taken care of effortlessly in a timely manner. I am so grateful and appreciative.”  


You can word it in a way that works for you. This is how Rainmakers make rain. They Give Thanks & Gratitude for the rain that grew the corn.


When asking questions ask for the










Show me… 


The answer is within you already. Listen to that small voice that whispers the answer to you when you meditate. Meditation is driving in the car without the radio or CD player on; it is when you are washing dishes, chopping vegetables; weeding your garden, painting or drawing, etc… You get the picture.


4. 21 June 2011

Celebrate the 1st Day of Summer

It is The Summer Solstice

Let us Celebrate the Longest Day of the Year - June 21 When The Sun is at its Pinnacle 

Today is the most masculine day of the year when the outward manifestation is at its fullest. The inner contemplation is at its lowest point. The energy everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is for doing – for action to manifest for the coming seasons. 

This is an Ancient time of Celebration. We celebrate the outward happiness in the fullness of life. We celebrate the warmth and all of our “stuff” – our worldly belongings.

Use this day to recognize the divinity in our blessings of food, shelter family and friends and our connection with everyone and all living beings. 

This is the day that the sun moves from the Air twins of Gemini to the Water babies of Cancer. The feminine Water balancing the Fire of the sun…All a part of the cycle of life, the Earth’s Calendar… 

Join us in Spirit as we celebrate in the Cave of the Fire/the Sun!

5. 22 June 2011

 The Seasons of the Four Directions and Drum Circles 

All Shamanic Journey Circles are for Personal Empowerment

We go deep within to the beat of the drum to seek answers for ourselves. We follow the methods of the ancient traditions of the indigenous people of the Earth. The Drum represents the womb & combined with the masculine beater stick, we create anew. The original drummers were women from the inception of the drums in 25,000 BCE. The Women used single headed drums for ceremonies for their family and Community. The single-headed drum is used around the globe to reach altered states of consciousness; to access the Beings of the Earth and the Universe who are waiting to guide & help for us. We must ask before they can help us. At the Full Moon we drum and chat expanding our support community. 

The Moon Cycle is the Earth Calendar which also includes the four seasonal changes and their midpoints. The Moon is the Feminine Energy that controls the Waters of Earth and the cycles and fluid flow in all mammals.

She starts her cycle of the New Moon – the dark moon. This is when we ask for what we want to make manifest, planting our seeds of new personal growth and healing. The Full Moon is the sun of the night when we begin to harvest what we ask for. It takes 21 days for the human body to make physical changes. 

There are 13 New Moons and Full Moons per year with two Solstices, Winter (December 21) and Summer (June 21); two Equinoxes, Spring (March 20) and Fall (September 23). 

All are days of celebration & drumming with the mid-points in between each Season. 

These are mid-points are just as important for Ceremony and Ritual as we honor the Ancient traditions. The mid-points are:

*Imbolc – February 1- wash away the old;

*Beltane – May 1 – day of sacred marriage, planting the seeds

*Teltane or Lughnassah or Lugh – August 1 – First Harvest

*Samhain – October 31 – When the reality of the physical & spirit come together and communicate. In Ancient times the skins and horns were worn to show respect for the animals that gave their lives so humans might survive. This is the end of a cycle. The seeds begin their time of gestation in the rich dark earth. 

These are the eight points/directions of the mariners cross – two equilateral crosses over each other with one at a 45 degree angle between the Seasons.

Each Season represents an element and a direction. Red Spring is Air & East; Yellow Summer is Fire & South; Black Autumn is Water & West; White Winter is Earth & North. Each direction is on the Medicine Wheel; Colors are Mayan and for the Woodland Nations of North America. 

6. July 2011


The Divine Dance of Spirit…


The perfect combination of the Divine Feminine Receiving and Divine Masculine Doing is Oneness within us and the Universe. It is the dancing of the yin and yang within us – activating the Quantum possibilities from Creator. Receiving Information from the Akashic Records/Book of Remembrance is Feminine and Doing Shamanic Journeys where we travel to find the answers to our questions is Masculine.


Reading the Akashic Records is receiving the Light infused with knowledge, wisdom and guidance from the Heart Center of the Creator!!!!


Shamans & Indigenous story tellers hold the Records of the Earth in their oral traditions. Yet we too hold the legends of the Earth in our bones. The stones & bones hold knowledge of all things. Our bodies are of the Earth, therefore the minerals have information. So the deeper we go into ourselves the farther out we can go to receive information. Shamanism & drumming goes back to 30,000BCE when the women were the drummers.


Shamans access information by traveling out of their bodies to the beat of a frame drum. Their Soul travels on the Sound Wave to access Non- Ordinary Reality (other worlds & dimensions) where we can talk to the plants, animals and microbes or to the Stars. The Mayans became the best Timekeepers by traveling to Space in their journeys. Sometimes they traveled for up to a maximum of three days gathering information on the movement of the stars and planets, constellations and galaxies


We go deep to the beat of the drum to seek answers for ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities.  When we Journey, we follow the ancient traditions of All the indigenous people of the Earth as we travel between the Worlds or through the veils of the dimensions of Chakra system and beyond. 


Originally the Women used frame drums for ceremonies and healing rituals for their families and Community. The single-headed drum is used around the globe to reach altered states of consciousness; to access the Beings of the Earth and the Universe who are waiting to guide & help for us. We must ask before they can help us.


In the Shamanic Cultures of South America and in Core Shamanism as brought forth by Michael Harner, there are three Worlds:


   LOWER WORLD – Where we go for Health & Healing


   MIDDLE WORLD - The Middle World is where we live.


   UPPER WORLD – The Upper World is where we go to visit with our Guides 


The Drum represents the feminine womb & combined with the masculine beater stick, creates anew by allowing us to find the answers to our questions. When we set our Intention with our questions, powerful allies show up with the answers to guide us and help us.



7. Prayers Answered…2012


Since August of 2011 my husband had been avoiding “Stress Tests”. His doctor ordered them for him because breathing was an issue. John has a long history of heart and cardiovascular disease with 5 heart attacks, quadruple by-pass surgery in 1998 and 2 surgeries to open his carotid arties and three stents. The first stent came just after September 11 and two in February and May of 2006.


There is always concern, worry and fear that often are not acknowledged by either of us. His energy was deteriorating and he wasn’t able to do much except take the dog for a walk with many breaks. He watched TV and napped often. His behavior was like it was before the by-pass.


The first stent was the result of a heart attack he had in a prayer circle for the victims of 9/11. As a retired policeman fromChicago, he knew what the police and firemen were experiencing – his prayer was let them feel no pain. He took on their pain, creating constriction and pain in his own heart causing a heart attack. That’s when we met Dr. Joe, who continues to save his life.  


Finally, in late January off we went to the new medical facility rather than going to the hospital. The cardiac nurse doing the stress test said it looked good because of his walking. We expected a good report because he seemed a little better.


On February first we had a follow up appointment then we were off toIllinoisto celebrate our sister-in-laws birthday. A family gathering with his brother and sister had been planned, not the stress test results.


Walking into the doctor’s office, Carol the doctors head nurse took us aside and showed me the stress test results. Doctor had an emergency and she needed to set up a procedure as soon as possible. John’s radiology report showed several myocardial infarctions aka heart attacks and he had reduced blood flow through out his body. This was Wednesday and they wanted John in the hospital as soon as possible. We chose Friday, February 3, 2012.


Not knowing what was going to happen, because we never know for sure. I was very grateful that we were spending the rest of the day with his siblings. It fun and uplifting with lots of laughter as funny stories told of youthful antics.


When we got home eight hours later, I started asking for prayers for John for the highest and best good. I reached out and asked for help as never before.

On Thursday afternoon, I went outside for a walk. Walking down the drive way I could see prayers coming as golden spears of light and I could feel them. In that moment I literally felt uplifted and I knew without a doubt everything would be okay.

We were at the hospital at 10:00 AM as the information sheet said. They groused that we were late, a minor annoyance to John. Dr. Joe came in with a cotton pad with lavender oil to calm him. I had all of my Young Living Oils to do a pre-surgery protocol as they were prepping him. Yes, they let me. That’s how the nurse remembered John from 6 years prior – the oils.   

My friend Mar- Kaye came and we laughed a chatted until they took him in the “Cath Lab” that was 11:00 AM. Mar-Kaye had an appointment and I read my book with the pager they had given me. At 12:30 PM I was paged. He was back in his cubicle and wanted to sleep. My friend and I went off to lunch.


After the hospital provided a “not heart healthy” lunch of a hamburger, fries, canned fruit cocktail and cake with coffee, we walked out at 4:40 PM.

Prayers were answered and his energy is returning daily. 

To actually feel and experience the prayers then to see the prayers was extraordinary; completely eliminated my fear. I was now able to focus on being with John, to share contented moments. 

Prayers continue to be answered with Grace and Love. Little miracles happened with his grown children. Plumbing projects are completed. 

There are words truly for the sensation of having prayers answered immediately. We have a new appreciation for the small gestures that create huge change and transformation. 

Cardiac Rehab starts Feb 16, 2012; he is going so he can play in his swamp this spring… It already has standing water. 

Thank You with Great Gratitude for answered Prayers


Rev. Marilee A. Snyder-Nieciak, B.Sc.
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