Here are some new testimonials from Akashic Record Readings I did with my Prayer for accessing the Akashic Records of Another Being at their Request with their permission.


Here's the thing, we all need to set ourselves free and that isn't easy with how complicated life is...my reading with Marilee was a mirror to my dearest purposes, Her passionate no bullshit approach is based in the highest vibrations of wise ones, of those who care for the planet by caring for one person's heart in a private moment that becomes the hour of soul. I let go since the reading and have attracted so much of what I've dreamt for so long. I got clear, I let go of shame and blockage, I'm on track, I'm happy...a reading with marilee is a treasure b/c of her ancient mama no bullshit loving approach that saw what I couldn't and aligned me with this moment in time.
Here is another recommendation you may glean anything you need from, I'm so tuning in and making it happen, your reading was a turning point, thank you. 4/22/2015 Kyane Howland, RN using Young Living Products, Artist, Photographer, Writer


My name is Louise Moriarty. I live in Australia and Marilee gifted me an Akashic Records reading over skype on April 11, 2015.

I have just re listened to the recording that was equally as powerful as the initial reading.

I was amazed at the initial entry colours. The visual and nurturing affect of the imagery she created for me resonate deeply and hold me in a tangible space of trust. The connection I felt to the guides during the session amplified a knowing of their energy that works with me already.
I have since felt it more tangibly.
Her insight into locking me into a space where I could trust my own connection to what I know restored my trust to my own intuition.
Her answers to my questions allowed me to see the truth in what I am experiencing.
Marilee is such a gifted channel, her prayers are powerful and have a experiential affect over space and time.
I thank you so much.
Louise Jayne Moriarty, Writer, Radio Host, Published Author                                                                     Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Akashic Records Readings of Another Being Testimonials April 2015

Marilee has given me such an incredible gift by reading my Akashic records. She helped me to see that some of the hurdles that I have with my family could be prevented simply with me diffusing the power struggle and releasing the energy I’ve been emanating; giving it up to the Universe. She helped me to get in touch with my soul and reminded me that resonating in that energy daily is the best way to continue on course and be the change I want to see in the world. She truly has a gift to connect with the Divine Records and give you the insights we all need. ~Jennifer L.


I highly recommend an akashic session with Marilee who is so gifted I returned for a second reading later that week. Her crystal insight is stellar and honest. Her trust of the process opens many doors so revelation occurs in a warm and wonderful way. Whether your questions are about relationship, abundance, health, she will lead you to a healing stream where meaning and release happen. I've met few consultants who could work at all the levels she does, it is a higher love at its best! Karen Kyane Howland, RN


Thank you so much for the Akashic record reading, Marilee!  It was so insightful and encouraging to me, allowing me to move forward and focus on caring for myself. I have already put the information that came up to good use, changing directions in my way of dealing with people to make my life more purposeful for me instead of everyone around me. You have a true gift! Keep up the great work! Therese M Zolvinski


I recently received an Akashic records reading by Marilee and it blew me away! Unlike other readings that I experienced over the years, this one was more concrete, precise and  specific that all previous readings combined.  I received a specific list of issues requiring my immediate attention. As soon as she conveyed the most important ones (such as very specific health problems and energy deficiencies), those issues intensified the same day to the point that where it was impossible to ignore them. I’ve had to deal with them immediately, no procrastination! The records also illuminated a number of hidden topic and brought them to my awareness, so that I can proactively pay attention to what is coming my way. I am confident that the new method she is learning to apply will position Marilee to add another powerful healing practice to her impressive repertoire of healing techniques. I highly recommend her for the reading of Akashic records.

Iva Vurdelja, Ph.D.

Leadership and change consultant & developmental coach

+1 312 218 4904
Skype: ivurdelja



Thanks for the Akashic Records reading you did for me I felt I had a significant experience that was deeper than I had experienced in the past, it was definitely enlightening and another guiding experience in the direction of my destiny!

Thanks again, Titus Rodes


Lee Anne Clarbour:

Hi everyone,

Have you recently had your personal Akashic Record Reading from Marilee?

My first one was back in November of 2014 and that was great (I thought! Just wait, more on that in a moment.).  She lovingly relayed messages from my records on items/events moving smoothly, along with, what was about to stir my own Spirit and Soul to progress further on my path. 

As you have heard she recently started reading the Akashic Records of another by using her personal prayer she created to so.  Let me tell you, the difference I personally felt with her personal prayer reading was tingling all the way down to my DNA. Yes, tingling, you know those goosebumps (I call God-bumps) flowing during the entire reading.  The intensity would vary from lightly on the top of my skull to those tickling God-bumps down into my bones and muscles.  The context was just as riveting and felt like the feed of her read was the Akash directly in my heart.

I am grateful she has developed this new level of reading the Akashic Records with her personal prayer and will be teaching this level two in August.  Hope to see you there.



I would like to tell you how Shamanic Practitioner, Marilee Snyder-Nieciak has helped me so much.  I was privileged to have a Akashic Record reading by her this past week.  She read my aura and my colors.  She also described the gate keepers that were there.

One of my questions or issues was about making people happy.  She told me that I can't possibly be responsible for other people’s happiness and she is right#.  Sometimes we absorb the energy of those close around us.  I realized that is their own energy and I am responsible for my own outlook.  I can also be happy if someone else is not.

I presented to her a family issue that has been troubling me.  She talked to me about "cutting the chords" and "opting Out."  I just composed an email to some family members that reflected that decision and I feel REALLY good about it.  Without going into detail, I realized that I can just take a stand on my own and state my opinion and do what I want.  It doesn't have to be a group decision.  This sounds so simple, but it wasn't until I felt the acknowledgement by her.  I felt conflicted prior to the reading.  And now I don't.  It is just a matter of standing up for ourselves, even if it is against family.

Oh, and self-care.  What blissful words.  She taught me that being patient with time and indulging in self-care is so important.  If grocery shopping takes an hour and a half, so what.  Taking baths that then drain away are so important.  Doing things for myself and being ok with it will really make a difference in receiving blessings that are not so detrimental to my own self-care.

Thanks Marilee for a great reading, I SO VALUE IT AND YOU!!

Anonymous by choice



Hi Marilee,

Thank you again for the Akashic Records reading last Friday. It was amazing!

If you need to change anything below, please feel free. I hope that I’ve worded it clearly for you.

My recent Akashic Records reading with Marilee’s new prayer was extra-clear for me. The tasks and directions I received were supportive of my on-going efforts toward self-care and appreciative of the progress I’ve made during the past year. The information was clear and gentle.

I am grateful to Marilee and the Beings of the Akashic Records for showing me their graciousness and my way on this life’s path.

Love you!

Cathy E. B.



Thank you for reading my Akashic Records. Every point you shared with me resonated throughout my body and soul. I felt as if I was walking through a number of the old neighborhoods where I grew up and recognized all of the old places, people and feelings that have helped me to become who I am today.

The information given to me, relative to this present lifetime, has assisted me in making a major decision which, quite frankly, I had labored to make.

Thank you again, Marilee.

Be well

Greg Zera


Hello dear friend, Marilee!

I want to thank you again for the Akashic Record Reading you provided for me the other day and also for the St Michael's prayer that I plan to use today for my houses and cutting ties with family in accordance with the moon's phases.

I also want to offer my testimonial for you to use however you see fit. 

Marilee is a gifted Shaman who has helped many who struggled with issues beyond their conscious understanding and I am one of them. Through her ability to open my Akashic records, she provided me with information that i knew to be true but needed more understanding, clarity and guidance in order to move in a better direction. I was stuck with resistance in a few areas of my life and now I have a better sense of priorities and what I need to let go of. I am deeply grateful to know Marilee and experience her spiritual gifts. She has taught me much through her own experiences and wisdom. Blessings to you, dear one! 

Thank you again Sister!

Mary (I love our name!)


"After having Marilee do an Akashic Record Reading for me, I realized it was time to get busy and get writing! I've been editing and writing for others for a long, long time, but Marilee got the message loud and clear that it's time for me to step up and let my own words shine. Thanks so much, Marilee, for uncovering this message!" Marlene Oulton, New Brunswick, Canada


Dear Marilee, 

Thank you so much for your time and help. I am looking forward to Level II Class! please use this testimonial:

On April 16, 2015, at 1:00 pm CDT I received an Akashic record Reading from Marilee a. Snyder-Nieciak. Marilee is very professional, yet warm and loving. I could not have enjoyed the experience more!!

I am so in awe of the Akashic Records and Marilee is an amazing guide. She delivers messages and information in a straight forward and non-judgemental way. I learned more than I ever would have expected. I am grateful for her time and the sharing of her gifts.

Namaste, Cindy Dambrogio, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator, Elmhurst, IL 60126  


From: debra.mohr - NW Indiana 
Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2013 11:04 AM
To: Rev. Marilee A. Snyder-Nieciak

I just want to take a moment to thank you for those classes you taught a couple of years ago and that really had gotten me into YL oils.  I use them daily and presently helping a dear friend heal from open heart surgery.  
I use them on my dogs and my littlest one refuses direct contact, so I bring my oils out and allow them to just be out and she will come and lay by them and use the arroma therapy.  She is so silly, my other girls love the oils.  If it wasn't for those classes, I would not be using these products.
So, thank you again.


Hi Marilee, 

Here is my testimonial for your site, please adjust it as you see fit.

After fighting for months with a decision to make, the Universe sent me Marilee Snyder. In one sentence she has been able to stop my internal fight and I finally made the decision (it took only 2 days). In one email she completely uncovered me even though I had said nothing. Then I lost my mom on the 12th of this month,  it was not an easy time but Marilee was an incredible source of support. Yesterday Marilee performed a Soul Retrieval for me and let me tell you, oh boy, that was an experience. I think I had not felt this way in years! She has an amazing gift, she’s done her magic even virtually! If you feel like you’ve been going in circles, if you feel like you lack alignment, if you are fighting with yourself, if you are tired of not being ok without being able to do a thing about it,  I highly recommend that you contact her. She is really fabulous. Thank you once again Marilee.

 September 28, 2011

Christine Marmoy       www.coachingandsuccess.com


Thought you'd like to know that this morning when I was still lying in bed, Bubba came into our bedroom (where there is no heat and I had thought of it when you mentioned opening a window for him) and he went to the window by the bed and sniffed and put his head under the curtains, looking at and sniffing at the outside.  I mean, it was as if he had heard you talking!  I have never seen him do that before.
So, after breakfast, I put on a hat and gloves (no coat) and said I would take him outside.  He ran away, and then I managed to catch him.  He protested and I carried him out to the remodeled room, closing the door to the house.  (He would be trapped with me.)  I opened the door to the outside, where there is a screen door, letting in all the fresh air and sunshine.  He jumped down and stood at the door, saying this was really cool and could he go out?  I opened the door and he just went right out.  I closed the door and he came back and wanted in.  So, I opened the door and he came in and I suggested we just sit by the open door.  But he really wanted to go out.  So, I opened the door again and he went out, brave as brave.  I followed and we must have spent at least 20 minutes walking around, sniffing at things.  He made sure I followed him wherever he went.  Finally, he decided he wanted to go back in and went to the door and asked to be let in.  So, we went in.
And, the thing about it is, it was cold (12 degrees) and there are still a few feet of snow on the ground. 
He was very proud of himself and we are happy, too!
Just thought you'd like to know how very right you were!
Thanks so much!
Lubec, Maine
February 9, 2011

And on February 25, 2011 she added this news on Bubba the CAT:


Writing you again with Bubba's update.  He has started ASKING to go outside.  ASKING.  And, once or twice, has even gone out all by himself.  Now, he doesn't want to stay out long (it is very cold and the ground where he might dig is all frozen), and he likes the doors propped open, so he can feel that he can run back in any time he wants.  (But he often did that at Teal House, too, in the spring when it was time to start being outside again; he took a long time to feel safe going out.)  So, this is a major improvement.  We are convinced that, once it warms up a little, he will be just fine going outside.

He still has worms, though, and diarrhea, though not as severe as before.  I backed off the anti-worm stuff for a while, like you suggested, and have started giving him acidophilus milk.  Now, I am going to start the pomegranate juice again, twice a day, this time.
Yes, of course, you may use my testimonial about Bubba!  Spread the word about alternative health options!

Are you still accepting Testimonials?
If you are, then I would love to offer one. This past weekend and the days that have followed have been mind blowing and life altering for me. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to me...

Coach Ron Mitchell,

Nov. 2010 , LaPorte, Indiana


Good afternoon Marilee,

Douglas just came walking down the hall at a pretty good rate, without walking stick or crutches, made the circuit through the kitchen, dining room, living room twice, then went back to the bedroom. He returned to the living room and asked me to write to let you know what I had just witnessed. The only discomfort he reported is stiffness in his right calf.

Your work today is the latest in the continuum, and it seems to have been very effective.

Shirley B.
River Forest, IL

If you are looking for healing or spiritual development, Marilee Snyder-Nieciak at Sage Spirit Terra, offers great beginnings and wonderful experiences for growth. The beautiful wooded setting brings you a peace and harmony with all natural energies. Using her vast knowledge and wisdom, Marilee helps each individual heal with many different techniques. The state of the art interactive vibrational healing uses the QXCI/SCIO working with your body’s own individual vibrational needs for healing. Marilee is also able to use her abilities with Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Drum Circles, Shamanic Journeys and Akashic Records to help each person become whole through healing. I especially enjoy the various workshops and experiences she is able to host locally that allow for expanding of growth and knowledge for all who attend. It is wonderful to have these opportunities in the LaPorte - Michigan City area, which allow all seekers the opportunity to heal their mind, body and spirit.

Mona L.
LaPorte, IN

Since September of 2004, I have used the QXCI programming to combat multiple neuropathies induced by a chronic Lyme infection I have been battling on and off since 1993. I was a practicing RN during most of this time, and after several temporary "resolution of symptoms" intervals after massive doses of IV antibiotics, I started to explore other treatment options. The MDs I consulted across 5 states were impressed but baffled by my clinical presentation, and I soon discovered there were no answers for me in the conventional realm of medicine.

Marilee Snyder's name came to me through a friend who had gone to Marilee for relief from her fibromyalgia. I embarked on the treatment program designed by the QXCI interface skillfully guided by Marilee. I found relief and even abatement of several symptoms as I continued on a weekly schedule. Presently I am taking a "hiatus" from the treatments while I explore payment by insurance options, due to the heavy burden this has placed on my family's finances.

I feel the QXCI offers people like me a safe and effective adjunct to the treatment of many "hopeless" conditions as well as the more common maladies most people end up suffering from.


Teresa H.
Valparaiso, IL

On September 11, 2003 I was diagnosed with fast growing cancer cells in my bladder. Four medical doctors said I would have to have my bladder removed and a new one fashioned from a part of my small intestine. I was told that this would be a major surgery with a 60% to 65% success rate. This didn't seem very appealing to me. A neighbor referred me to Marilee Snyder in Michigan City and she started giving me Quantum Biofeedback Sessions on the SCIO. In addition to the treatments she informed me about diet changes and the book "The Cure for all Cancers" by Hulda Clark, herbal supplements, plus lots of minerals. In 2 1/2 months I went back to the hospital for more tests. Biopsies of the bladder, prostrate gland, a colonoscopy, x-rays and other tests all came back negative. My doctor said he had never seen a patient get rid of bladder cancer before. I can't thank Marilee Snyder enough.

James N.
Chicago, IL

Thank you for everything. I highly recommend Marilee Snyder and her restoration work. Her Reiki talents are among the best I have ever experienced. She is precise in her assessment and powerful as a transmitter of light. Her good heart and warm laugh make it a valuable healing session. I had relief from the pain in my back. Thanks Again.

Linda Howe
Oak Park, IL

Hi M, hope your pre season Christmas stuff is going good. I was thinking this evening about u. How I just wanted to say thank you so much for trying and helping me and that's a big job in itself. I had seen that leaky gut stuff I want to say about 2 years ago but wouldn't accept it. Well anyway I have been having lots of lower leg, bone pain since I started taking the worm wood and apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper I started eating raw vegetables also the young living proteins to.  So I am guessing I am detoxing to much. I looked at my feet today and the discolored skin looks so much better In fact I can feel the oils now on my feet when I use them. the thing that I seen the most big improvement is that I can see all my veins in my feet and hands again were they seemed to have just disappeared into my skin. As far as I  can remember I would never eat raw vegetables and when I saw that people eating them on TV I was actually craving them about a month ago but was to stupid to go and get some and eat them. I think I have been stupid about my diet for years. In leaky gut syndrome you do not feel hungry is a symptom I have seen some late night stuff on paid programming about health and that's all they been saying its, in your stomach, is the way to good health. I can tell by my saliva and the dry mouth is all getting better, it has been very painful but I am doing very well with how I am treating my pain I will tell u when I see u next Thursday. I just wanted to let u know how much I appreciate what U have done for me. I have been praying to St. Jude for quite some time and was wondering he was going to start helping me this was back in August and sure enough it wasn't long after that is when I started coming to see U. So it brings a tear to my eye as I write this. to thank God and you there are people like u in this world thanks Mar                         L. C.          that means Lawrence Cecil

Mrs. W - Chicago, IL

After a stroke 18 months ago, my toes on my right foot were paralyzed with the big toe pulling up and the others bending under. Marilee spent 45 minutes on my left foot then switched to my right foot. Within 10 minutes after appling Young Living Therapeutic Grade Oils of Valor, Cypress and Lemongrass, my toes had full range of motion. More work is required for the therapy to hold, certainly a grand start.


Kathy S, Indiana

Unable to work for over 15 years, I was giving up. As I prayed the phone rang & Marilee said I think I know what is wrong. I worked with Marilee on the EPFX-USB/SCIO for 5 months regularly and was able to work in a retail store. Before working with Marilee, every year I had pneumonia from November to March with antibiotics every month. First, I tried Young Living Essential Oil  Theives on my pet and realized I could tolerate the smell. By using Thieves oils I wasn't sick all winter. My Doctor wrote a prescription for the EPFX- USB/SCIO and YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS because they did more for my situation less than a year than my Doctor and Massage Therapist had been able to do in eight years.



Dianna K. I get severe migraines and thought to try the M-grain oil, low and behold it really works. I just rub a couple of drops on the area of my head that is aching and within minutes the pain is subsided or completely gone. I now carry the oil in my purse and whenever I feel a headache coming on, on goes the oil and usually the headache. Tim S. I asked someone at a lunch their best LIFETIME tip they swear by. They replied, go get some ESSENTIAL OIL (peppermint) and use it for stuffiness, sinus issues and HEADACHES. Well I try it for the sinus stuffiness and yes it works well. Wow is it strong!!  So then while carrying it in my pocket at work, someone gets a HEADACHE, I give them Peppermint, a few drops for the temples, under the nose and the neck and chin. Gone in 10 minutes. Long story short, I kid you not, I've since given it to 10 people with headaches.....9 out of 10 gone within 10 minutes or LESS. I think one was gone in under 5 minutes. We actually have bets on how long before the headache is gone!! It's truly an amazing thing. I wish all the oils had this instant gratification. GREAT OIL for a conversation opener!!! Get yourself a bottle TODAY!!  

Lynda S. I just started using essential oils, for reasons other than that they smell nice, after attending a Young Living workshop. I have had increasingly debilitating migraines for the last 10 years. I have prescription medication that makes me feel fuzzy and out of it when I take it, and it doesn't always work. I tried M:-grain for my last two episodes. I was amazed! While it didn't completely take the headache away, it was minimized to such a significant degree I was able to go to work and function quite well. I am also using other oils, such as Lavender for relaxation, and Harmony for meditation.  This all feels quite miraculous to me and I will continue purchasing and experimenting with other oils. I've also purchased some excellent publications that help explain the science behind all of this. I'm afraid I've become quite annoying to my friends and family as I preach to anyone who will listen about the benefits of essential oils! 

Tom B. My name is Tom and I live in Concord NC. A co-worker asked to use some Peppermint one day because she had tried almost everything for a migraine that had lingered several days. She looked so sad. I explained breathing thru the nose after rubbing on the hands. I also had Believe with me and she wanted to try that!  Well about 30 minutes later she found me and related how she had breathed (for several minutes) Peppermint & Believe and also applied Peppermint on the forehead where it hurt the worst and within 10 minutes 90% of the pain was gone! She could not believe it! She said she was ready to go to the hospital! These are her favorite oils, sometimes they work better than other times but when she needed help the most, they relieved the pain!  

Jessica W.  (
BYJ = NingXia Red)
I went to my doctor last week and had some testing done...I had been REALLY sick! I could barley hold my head up, high fever, I mean really sick! I was 'diagnosed' with West Nile Virus.  I came home and felt overwhelmingly prompted to drink some BYJ...so I took a big swig right out of the bottle...and went to bed. I only got up to go to the bathroom and to the fridge...for more BYJ...and water. And by day's end I had consumed the WHOLE LITER of Berry Young Juice!  One more day in and out of bed...and by the end of the day on Tuesday I was feeling a bit better...but still felt like my head and muscles had been replaced with molten steel! Wednesday morning, I opened the last liter of BYJ in the house...and by day's end had consumed a SECOND LITER of BYJ! MAN, was I feeling decadent, but I was feeling OVERWHELMINGLY prompted to drink it, almost like I could not control myself! So...long story short...by the time I woke up Thursday morning, I was BETTER, and I don't mean FEELING better...I mean ALL BETTER!!! No aches, no headache, no fever...no MUSCLE PAIN! I KNOW that it was the BYJ! I took NO other oils or supplements other than 2000 mg of Vitamin c each day! I was just too tired and weak! You just DON'T beat WNV in three days of treatment! (Unless you have BYJ!) What a supportive product!!! 

Jackie K.
I've a long history of sinus infections related to allergies, leading into bronchitis and vertigo. Since I've routinely used oils in the following manner, I've not had to take an antibiotic for any flare-up and the flare-ups are much less frequent. (I did also start allergy shots, so that seems to be helping.)  At the first sign of sinus blockage, swollen glands, sinus headache, I mix a few drops of mixing oil, a couple of drops of Thieves oil blend, and a couple of drops of Frankincense. I put in on my finger and coat the inside of each nostril. After the first breath in, I may sneeze, so I don't put it all in at first! I also coat my glands if swollen. If really stuffed and staying home or going to bed, I coat the outside of my cheeks and nose. I've also coated my chest. I get some immediate relief and in a matter of hours have a significant decline in all symptoms. May need to continue and do frequently until symptoms are gone. Has been my life saver! 

Mary K.
In the last several years I've had many health problems and amongst them are migraines caused by tension and allergies. My husband was looking into essential oils for ideas on ways of helping me and convinced me to give them a try. I was using the lavender for insomnia only at first. One evening, just before bed, I put some lavender on my temples as usual so as to help me relax. I especially needed the relaxation since I had a migraine. About 5 minutes later I realized that my migraine was completely gone! Since that wonderful discovery I've learned to put lavender on the area on head pain immediately and the headache is always gone in 5 to 10 minutes. It's been a godsend!! 

Mir-Yam S.
Migraines are hereditary in my family and my daughter who is herself a parent has suffered with migraines since age 6. She gets the 'need to go into a total darkness and no sounds' place which is accompanied by sporadic vomiting. Even though I have suggested the oils to her in the past, she is always very reluctant to try anything 'new'. Much to my surprise, after she saw good oil results with her own son and nephew, she did try some oils.  We spoke one evening and she mentioned that she had a weird sort of headache starting and some nausea so she put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint and Lemon oil in her A/C filter. Within a few minutes she was completely relaxed and fell sound asleep. It had been years since she slept so soundly and it surprised her in the morning when she awoke with no headache and feeling refreshed.  Re-applying the oils every few days onto the filter has kept her sleeping well and neither she nor her son have allergy problems in the house anymore. 

Miriam S.
I used Roman Chamomile to relieve the intense, throbbing pressure of an approaching migraine. The headache never came. I applied it to each of the points on my face and neck that I felt sinus pressure, and usually develop the knife-stabbing migraine pain. The pain and pressure were gone almost instantly.   

Elaine T.
I had a fever for 8 days, high enough to hallucinate for 3 of them. Living alone I couldn't get to a doctor and by the time I could drive, they thought it was the flu but a nurse told me later it sounded more like meningitis. My thinking process felt damaged and for a week afterwards it was difficult to think too much. Even after the fever went, a terrific headache surrounded my head, probably swelling from the infection. I didn't know what to do. I instinctively took the bottle of Valor and tried soaking the back part of my head to see if it would work. If it did I would then do my whole head. It did. The next day there was no pain on that part of the head. I did the rest of my head and that eliminated the rest of the pain. Recuperation was slow but without the headache. I understand some people suffer with a headache from this type of experience for months. 

Mary A.
I use Peppermint oil everyday for digestion, because it makes my tummy feel so good. It also works for nausea, headache associated with stomach distress, indigestion, heartburn & sour stomach. As a great side effect, Peppermint also clears the sinuses and head. This is very powerful stuff so start with one drop internally and see how you tolerate it. Young Living is one of the few essential oil producers that produce therapeutic grade oils that you can take internally. Bonnie F.

About a month ago, I came down with a sinus infection. As a result of the fever, I also suffered from mouth sores. I couldn't even chew food without my head and face throbbing! Young Living products were a Godsend. Morning and evening, I drank half a cup of NingXia Red Juice with 1 drop of clove oil mixed in.  Before bed, I drank a lukewarm mug of water with 2 drops of Peppermint oil in it. I would inhale the peppermint while drinking it. I also rubbed my face with more peppermint water, soothed my sinus headache.  I rubbed my mouth sores with clove oil 2-3 times a day. Brushed with Young Living toothpaste and used the Young Living Mouthwash. (THEIVES) When I ran a fever, I rubbed my face with lukewarm water and 2 drops of Peppermint oil. Within 15 minutes, I was sweating and the fever was going away!  I recovered in about 4 days with no over-the-counter meds or doctor's visit. A couple days later, I started to get a headache and inhaled Peppermint oil .

Marilee A. Snyder-Nieciak
YLEO Independent Distributor # 431711