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Ancient Wisdom for NOW!

Crystals and The 13 Crystals Skulls

Shows YOU, The Reader

How to Transform Your Life

To have Love, Harmony, Balance, Fun,

Peace and Abundance in All Areas of Your Life...







Ancient Wisdom for NOW - Crystals and The 13 Crystal Skullsis a multi-facted book with Legends of various Indigenous Nations; Care of Crystals;Numerology;Conversations with each of the Original 13 Crystal Skulls on living in the next Paradigm; Medicine Wheels and articles by Guardians and Caregivers and much more...

Ancient Wisdom for NOW! includes guidance for Living in Harmony and Respecting All Living Beings and Intelligences.We are shown how the Skulls and All of the Natural World all work together. Explaining some of the "un-seen" World around us including the The Universe and Beyond.
Access Your Personal Power Skulls Aligned with Your Numerology.
A new techinique using numerology to determine which Skull You are to work with and interact with initially working your way up to five Power Skulls for different areas of our lives creating the whole. You will be Working with our Ancestors in their "Caves" to seek Guidance, Healing, Wisdom and Knowledge thus transforming you.
The Conversations with the Skulls were always accessed through the Akashic Records and Shamanic Journeys.  
Each Skull was asked the sames questions...and everything changed with one of these Ancient Beings...
The Time is NOW!
Are You Ready?
A thought changes everything...


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imageAncient Wisdom for NOW and Crystals and 13 Crystals Skulls is a multi-facted book with Legends, Crystal Care, Numerology, Conversations with each of the Original 13 Crystal Skulls on living in the next Paradigm.

Accessing Your Personal Power Skulls.
A new techinique using numerology to determine which Skull You are to work with and interact with initially working your way up to 5.
Working with our Ancestors in their "Caves"...
The Time is NOW!
Are You Ready?
A Thought Changes Everything!
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imageMarilee's first published work is in Pebbles In The Pond- Transforming the World One Person at a Time  

It is an anthology of 44 personal transformational stories from around the world. "Ordinary" folks from all walks of life overcoming huge personal challenges who healed themselves thus changing their lives, thus changing the lives of those around them,  one person at a time...


Rev. Marilee Snyder-Nieciak is an

Internationally Recognized Transformational Author,

Akashic Records International Consultant

Aromatherapy Application and Teaching

Crystal Skull Guardian

Reiki Master Teacher 

Shamanic Practitioner 

 Rev. Marilee's chapter

Death and Beyond - Heaven on Earth.

It is Marilee's story of her Death Experience and its impact on her life. Merlin describes a Wizard as someone who lives their life backwardars. Marilee is a Wizard, living her life backwards...

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Our Second Published Anthology is called
From Tears to Triumph
It is the sequel is with 28 Authors from Pebbles. My story is called
"Wisdom and Triumph"
This is an emotional story of my emotional healing from cancer in less than 24 hours and other grand adventures.
From Tears to Triumph 
Is our Second Published Work  
It is the Sequel with 28 of the Pebbles Authors.
I am in the First and Second Editions. 
My story is called"Wisdom and Triumph
This is an emotional story of my miraculous healing from cancer in less than 24 hours plus other grand and glorious adventures.